Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Root access with ES File Explorer

Open ES File Explore, go to settings  scroll down to Home Directory and change it to "/".
Now you have access to the entire file system.

You can read more here

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Add/Remove Fragment - Simple Example

What we are going to do :     

A View with a Button. When we click that Button a fragment is being added dynamically in our View. We click again and the fragment is being dynamically removed.

before and after Fragment Transaction took place

What we need: 
One Activity and one Fragment. In the Activity's layout we add two layout objects. That's a Button and a FrameLayout.
In Fragment's layout we have a TextView that contains just text in a color background

So the code for the Activity's and Fragment's layout is: 

Fragment's Layout :
Note the android:id = "@+id/fragment_container_1"  in the Activity's layout which is an identifier for our fragment. When we make Transactions like add we refer to a fragment by id.

Activity and Fragment :

Fragment Class :   is a typical Fragment class as we have seen it before

Activity Class :  onClick() begins Transaction. If state is null then we add and commit the fragment else we need to remove and commit again.
So the code is :