Sunday, July 14, 2013

Android Parsing JSON data

When we are dealing with Web Services often the response are in JSON format. That means we have to get the data and with the JSONArray and JSONObject classes parse through the response and extract the data we want.

The whole JSON schema uses the convention of name:value pair. The simplest example we can have here is the JSON Object { "foo":"bar" } where bar is value of foo.
We can easily imagine making a request to the server for a basketball player name and getting the answer in the above format.
Even better we can ask the server for the Personal Information of the player named "lebron james" and get data like position, nationality, weight, height, age, etc...
Then a valid response from the server could be like that :
Values can be String, number, true, false, null, or even Object and Array.

You can read more about json here.

Now in our application we are going to use the schema ( and the values ) you can see in the image below.
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What we see is that we have an Object described by the String "users" and that Object's value is an Array.
Now we just need to think procedural and a) add the data to a JSONObject and from that data b) get the JSONArray described by the name "users".

So our code should look like :
       JSONObject jObj = new JSONObject(data);
       JSONArray sArr = new JSONArray();
       sArr = jObj.getJSONArray("users"); //getting the "users"

Now all we need to do is to iterate through the items of the Array and get the values specified by each tag ( id, username and password in our case ).

Since we don't get any response from a web server I stored the answer into a String.

The code is below :

And the XML layout file : 

The result in our Android emulator :
display JSON response from server